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Areas of practise


Scaffold builders are responsible assembling and dismantling scaffolding structures that allow workers to access specific portions of a building to perform needed work. These construction leaders take corrective action to prevent job hazards and keep their team safe from injury.


Apply, remove, and repair insulation, thermal and fire, on industrial and domestic. equipment, pipes, ductwork, or other mechanical systems such as heat exchangers, tanks,pipework and vessels, to help control noise and maintain temperatures.

Technical Works
Technical Works

Technical staff professionals provide a range of support and assistance services as part of an organization’s technology team. They configure, install, and maintain technical equipment and systems. They assist with managing company technical needs.

Infra Ground Workers
Infra Ground Workers

A groundworker is a British term for a subcontractor who is employed to prepare a home construction site for the shallow foundation of a new home. Typically, the groundworker clears the site, lays a foundation, installs drainage and other pipework and glassfiber, and may build roads if necessary

Our Mission

Techway is an innovator in his sector and aims to close relationship with workers and clients for joint activities focused on high quality scaffolding builders, insulation, infra ground workers, technical development and knowledge exchange, and thus ensure an effective flow between the workers and clients.

Our Skills

We specialise in providing highly competent construction workers, both with fixed-term and open-ended employment contracts for large construction projects. Our team is also specialised in industrial companies and various construction workers.
Together with our professionalism and competent skills, we believe we will deliver the most effective service for our clients.

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